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What’s On Your Not To Do List?


Some of us have To Do lists that we love and live by. I happen to be one of those people. There’s a lot that I want to accomplish during my day and a list supports me in keeping focused – usually. (I do allow myself some flexibility.)

But I recently considered what might be on my Not To Do List.

Here’s what I came up with for today:

Not To Do:
1. Judge myself for making mistakes.
2. Replay conversations in my head thinking I should’ve said something different.
3. Speak harshly to myself and others.
4. Believe negative thoughts about myself or others.
5. Let fear hold me back.

NOTE: This is NOT an opportunity to add more self-judgment and shame onto the day. This is an opportunity to identify what energy-draining patterns I can shift in my consciousness. I won’t add things onto this list that I can’t possibly live up to and then feel even worse about later. Get the idea?

I made a downloadable version that can be printed to keep handy. You can get it by clicking here: Not To Do List.

I wonder, what will you not do today?



  1. Thank you. I was already headed down the path of unhelpful thoughts, which I find can be quite addictive and habitual, particularly on Sundays when I have so much unstructured time on my hands. It’s the path of least resistance (least awareness) some days. I think I’ll make a list that’s more loving for myself today.
    With love and blessings, Susan

  2. such a fantastic TOOL! ty!

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