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July 23, 2013
by Elana

You Don’t Know How Wonderful You Are

A colleague that I look up to as a mentor, named Alissa, said this to me recently. I had a project to complete over the weekend with a group of amazing people. It was a challenging weekend but really sacred work. After we completed the project, I expressed my insecurities about my performance to her.

She looked at me for a moment and with so much tenderness in her eyes she said, “You don’t know how wonderful you are.” I couldn’t help but take it into my heart.

I’ve actually heard this before. I lived with a woman who stepped in as a substitute mother when I needed one many years ago. Her name was Carrie and we were very close. In our long conversations she would often say to me, “You just don’t know how special you are, do you?”

That phrase has stayed with me all of these years, and I often think about what she said to me. It still warms my heart today thinking about her.

I think it’s taken me a while to really let her words sink in. I’ve been playing small for a long time because of an irrational lack of self-confidence. An unproven thought I was not good enough for (fill in the blank).

My experience this past weekend was an eye-opener. I received really positive prizing and feedback from the leaders of our project and still felt that I wanted to push their kind words away. It reminded me of this video that I saw on Upworthy.  If you’re a woman, it’s worth watching and watch until the end. It’s pretty funny.

Today I declare this limiting pattern in my consciousness done with.

I forgive myself for ever judging that I wasn’t good enough for anything.

What would my life be like without this silly insecurity and without that old “not good enough” story? What wonderful things would I be able to accomplish knowing that I’m good enough for whatever it is I want to tackle?

I’m excited to find out.

So, dear reader, do you know – really know –  how wonderful you are?

July 14, 2013
by Elana

My First Post!

Welcome to my website!

About a year and a half ago, I met my dear friend Jennifer Herrera. She has been cultivating her blog these past few months, and I’ve been inspired by her openness and vulnerability.

I’ve written a few blogs and posts here and there under different titles – one about being the mom of a teen and another called the Green Challenge, which was fun and time consuming! (My friends tell me they still think about that challenge when they buy disposable dishware! Yes!)

But this blog here is my own. And I’m giving myself permission to write anything and everything that I want to. This is new for me – I’m a natural introvert and don’t usually seek attention or share on a large scale. But I’ve also realized that I have a lot to say about a lot of things. So here we go.

I’m excited to see what comes forward here. Thanks for joining me on this adventure.

Here’s to having fun!