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My name is Elana. My intention here is to write from a vulnerable and loving place and write what speaks to me. I hope to inspire someone else to do the same. I believe we connect the most effectively when we’re communicating from our hearts, although that’s not always comfortable.

This is me professionally: I’m a licensed psychotherapist working in private practice in Los Angeles. I use several modalities (BrainspottingNeurofeedback, EMDR, and IFS) to help people heal from complex trauma.

I’m an avid volunteer for the Freedom to Choose Project. This is an ongoing service project in five California prisons taking place a few times a year. We spend two days with men and women who are incarcerated in an experiential workshop format practicing communication and life skills while healing old wounds. This has been one of the most profound experiences of my life.

I love what I do.

And here’s the very short version of my personal story:

I was born and raised in Los Angeles (yes, we L.A.-born folk do exist). I gave birth to my amazing baby girl when I was 19, married the man of my dreams at 33, graduated with a Master’s degree from the best University in the world, and became a licensed psychotherapist. There may or may not be a doctorate in my future.

I’m also an entrepreneur, world traveler, one of those people that packs workout clothes on vacation, writer, SciFi geek, tech nerd, foodie and pretty good cook, a bit of a wine and coffee snob, wise mentor, runner, lover of great fiction, anglophile, philanthropist, great friend, composter, backyard gardener, and spiritual enthusiast.

My intention is to also be a chicken owner, trapeze artist, performing cellist, guitar player, speaker of many languages, grandmother (but not until the kiddo’s at least 30), painter, sculpture, pottery thrower, used bookstore owner, and . . .

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