Who Am I

My name is Elana. My intention here is to write from a vulnerable and loving place and write what speaks to me. I hope to inspire someone else to do the same. I believe we connect the most effectively when we’re communicating from our hearts, although that’s not always comfortable.

This is me professionally: I’m currently a coach and psychotherapist. I use Internal Family Systems (IFS) to help people heal from issues drawing on my experience as a licensed trauma therapist. For added context, I also use the Enneagram when I work with clients providing a deeper understanding of how our personality interfaces with the world.

I’m also an avid volunteer for the Freedom to Choose Project. This is an ongoing service project in California prisons taking place several times a year. We spend two days with men and women who are incarcerated in an experiential workshop format practicing communication and life skills while healing old wounds. This has been one of the most profound experiences of my life.

I love what I do.

Personally: I’m a solopreneur, world traveler, writer, SciFi/Fantasy geek, tech nerd, foodie and pretty good cook, a bit of a coffee snob, wise mentor, runner, lover of great fiction, philanthropist, great friend, composter, backyard gardener, and spiritual enthusiast.

I have many interests and look forward to sharing them here.

One thought on “Who Am I

  1. You can move “wise mentor” up to who you are as that you have truly been to me and others on many occasion. Thank you for sharing your heart and your honesty. I completely relate to not always knowing how wonderful I truly am. It is a process and when someone chooses to share feedback with me like that, I really take it in and reflect because I know it’s not just a gift to me to receive and to them for having the heart and willingness to share it, I also see it as a gift to humanity – to grow, to open myself up and then to be inspired and shine even brighter because of it. You are a Light that never dims, for me and I am so grateful for your presence.

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